TYPO3 6.2 Error when trying to access Extension Manager

I decided to try out TYPO3 6.2 today and after the installation I kept getting a timeout error when trying to access the Extension Manager module. In Chrome this showed up as “Error 103 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED)”. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with a XAMPP installation that got this bug so I decided to post it.

After googling around I found a solution (in German) that pointed out that the problem seemed to be a stack overflow bug in PHP.

The solution is to add these lines in your httpd.conf file:

<IfModule mpm_winnt_module>
    ThreadStackSize 8388608

Don’t forget to restart Apache. After that, the Extension Manager should work fine.

  1. Annette said:

    Thank you! That was a great help.

  2. help said:


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